Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review - CROFTER's REVENGE - Self-titled

Crofter's Revenge
I love Celtic-influenced music, so I was looking forward to Crofter's Revenge, a CD by the Regina-based band of the same name.
Now I'll preface this review by saying this is not a bad CD, however, as a fan of Canadian Celtic music I do end up comparing each new CD to a fairly broad range of material already in the collection. When you end up comparing to bands such as The Paperboys, Mad Pudding, Orealis and Scatter the Mud, Crofter's Revenge doesn't quite match up.
Now I will admit this is Crofter's Revenge first CD, and that means there is room for growth as artists, and that is the good news.
What we have here is a 12-cut CD of mostly traditional music, including cuts such as Cuckoo's Nest, When Will We Be Married, Train to Odessa and Paddy On the Railway.
The band does include one number written by Crofter's Revenge members Don Modderman and L.A. Kaminiski; the cut Dr. Jane's All-Natural Irish Elixir. I rather like this effort and hope the band heads toward more original material in the future. It tends to give a band a fresher sound.
The CD also includes the popular Last Saskatchewan Pirate, originally an Arrogant Worms number, and covered by numerous bands including Captain Tractor and Brad Johner. This is maybe the most fun song with a Saskatchewan theme ever produced, and is almost a given for a band such as Crofter's Revenge.
While this CD might not be a platinum effort, I would guess this band would be a ton of fun in a live setting. It always seems Celtic bands excel in situations where there is a party atmosphere, and I would imagine the Crofter's can spice up a party pretty darn well. That is good news for those planning to attend a concert fundraiser coming up in Saltcoats, see related story this page.
Since the band is from Saskatchewan, Crofter's Revenge is worth seeking out, supporting local talent is always a good thing.
- Review first appeared Yorkton This Week newspaper April 18, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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