Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review -- PIPEDREAM -- Hold Your Breath

Anyone who thinks rock is dead in Saskatchewan, amid the seemingly endless country bands and bars, it's not.
Every once in a while a band pops up with an offering which makes you realize the roots of Canadian rock still have a hold in the fertile Prairie soil of Saskatchewan.
Let me introduce you to Pipedream, a four piece band out of Saskatoon.
Now no band likes too many comparisons, and Pipedream does a nice job of having their own sound, but you will hear rifts reminding of bands such as Nickleback, and other top tier recording acts. Yes folks I think these guys could become that good.
Pipedream is made up of Jamie Tokarchuk, drums, Brent Ziola, bass and both Tyson Drummond and Kris Ewen supplying guitar and vocals.
The band self-produced a CD in 2004, but Hold Your Breath is their first studio effort, recorded at Audio Art Recording in Saskatoon.
This is the sub genre of rock where the music hits in waves, but vocally they keep it on a level where they don't have to scream above the guitars, and yet you can still make out the words without reading the liner notes, and that is a good thing.
Yes, there are some near metal works here, such as Leechfuk, a growly number that tells you this band had come together having varied musical influences, as it dips into the heavier side of things.
Pipedream also drops it down a gear or two, with songs such as Solitude.
The opening cut Tantrum, Believer and Closet Full of Bones are personal favourites on Hold Your Breath.
This album has been out about a year, but alas I just got hold of a copy. I do hope the band is close to another release, because they have a solid sound that would be great to see explored farther. Maybe somewhere along the way they'll find a gig in what appears to be a growing live band music season in Yorkton.
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- Review first appeared Yorkton This Week newspaper April 11, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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