Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review - The RUSTY AUGERS - Damn You Rusty Auger!

The Rusty Augers
This was one of those CDs that was difficult to score. They are a prime example of a band which seems to be having a difficult time determining exactly where their music fits in.
The opening cut, named after the band, is countryish, and not particularly compelling. This is another little hint for bands just starting out, lead off a recording with a strong cut. It is like your calling card. I was visiting a radio bud the other day and his desk was cluttered with CDs from bands wanting a spot in the rotation. Do you think he listens to the whole CD if the first cut doesn't grab his attention? Probably not.
As a reviewer I too want to be grabbed by the first song, and the Rusty Augers missed on that count.
Now for a Yorkton newspaper, the third song caught my attention even as I read the song list. It is entitled The Esterhazy Man and the Kamsack Woman, so that grabbed me. The band hails from Regina.
The song is interesting because it starts something of a transition on this CD, having less a country feel, and the first taste of something blues, in a way reminiscent of the Blue Shadows.
By cut five; Black Widow Blues, the Rusty Augers are finally in a good place on this CD. The bluesier they get, the better they get. Yes I am a blues fan, so may lean in that direction anyway, but in this case the Rusty Augers don't offer a whole lot that intrigues on the country side. By contrast on this cut by one of the band's vocalists; Sam Minevich, they score real solid.
What the Rusty Augers have ended up with here is a CD that kinda pops around a bit too much for me. The most country-like pieces, would best be left off the CD.
The purest blues are the gems.
Songs such as People Don't Make Sense, which has some nice horn work, are good enough, think Blue Shadows of Junior Gone Wild, and fit ok with the blues.
This band certainly has talent, and some good songs, Priscilla Blues by Paul McCorriston , another of the band's vocalists, is pure upbeat fun blues, however I think they need to settle fully into the blues, and leave the thoughts of anything with even the slightest twang to someone else.
Nice potential just needing to be fully realized here. Check 'em out at

- Review first appeared Yorkton This Week May 9, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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