Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review - ULTIMATE POWER DUO - We're In Control Now

Ultimate Power Duo
One of the most difficult things to do as a reviewer, at least I find it to be this way, is to give a bad review. It is even more difficult when it's a Saskatchewan band that you are pretty sure is playing music and recording because they love making music. It's not like most Saskatchewan bands get rich, or even all that famous when they are releasing Indie works.
However, a band still has to offer you something, and sadly, at least for me, the Ultimate Power Duo left me wanting something different – well frankly anything different.
To be fair, I gave this CD a couple of extra listens, although my wife was wondering why. I wanted to make sure that my initial reaction was right. I was hoping too that something in the music might emerge on the additional plays that I could go 'OK that is where the strength of this album is.' It never happened.
This is a group with a poppish/punk sound, that has a sameness throughout. Musically I don't think they push too far from what they have found as a comfort zone, and as a result the CD sort of feels like one long song, although there are actually 18 cuts.
On the bright side the Ultimate Power Duo, actually a three-piece unit with guitar, bass and drums, does have a tongue-in-cheek approach to lyrics which keeps this CD from being a totally bad listen for me.
Ultimate Power Duo on a Rampage with an Elephant Gun, Ultimate Power Duo vs. Optimus Prime: Round 1, Ultimate Power Duo News Update "The War is Going Good ...?", Mole Man March and Buddy Holly was the First Ramone are examples of the titles contained here. The themes here might have elevated this CD higher had they mixed up the stylings more.
It should be noted that while I do not like this CD, several clips from other newspaper coverage suggests other have. For example on the band's myspace site I found
The same site;, shows the band has extensive bookings in Britain this summer, so that too says they have an audience.
Not my cup-of-tea, but give them a listen on line, they might suit your ears better.

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