Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review - WHEATMONKEYS - Hotter Than a Pistol

Sometimes the title of a CD captures a band well. This is one of those times. The Wheatmonkeys, a band out of Saskatoon, are definitely hotter than a pistol on this recording.
The Wheatmonkeys have played in Yorkton on occasion, including this weekend at Holly's Nite Club in the Best Western Parkland Inn. People who took the time to head over and give these guys a listen may well have been watching a band of young musicians on the verge of breaking big. To my ear these guys are that good. You can hear little snippets of bands like the Bare Naked Ladies here, although these guys definitely have their own sound.
Don't be surprised if this foursome; Dave Pura and Logan Reid on guitars and vocals, Andrew Cook on bass and vocals, and Darrin Pfeiffer on drums, become a hot ticket nationally growing well beyond local bar venues.
This band has a a pure rock sound with pop overtones. Some songs are more poppish than others, such as Like I Do, others more straight rock tunes, like the lead cut Heat, which is arguably the best piece here.
While Heat is the catchy hook song here, it is not the only gem the Wheatmonkeys have come up with on this effort. Letting You Go is a definite winner, as are Time After Time and Eleventhousand.
Pura has writing credits on all 10 cuts here, and the material shows he could be an emerging name as a songwriter too.
This is not the Wheatmonkeys first effort having release Danger as their debut album in 2002.
This is a very solid band, ranking easily among the elite in Saskatchewan, with the potential to take their sound a lot farther.
You can track this hot young band

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