Sunday, June 17, 2007

Review - KIM LAFONTAINE - Life Happens

Kim Fontaine
OK Saskatchewan music fans, as soon as you have finished reading the edition of Yorkton This Week you hold in your hands head over to the personal computer, type in and order yourself a copy of Life Happens.
This is pure GOOD!
When I think back on my collection of Saskatchewan produced CD only a handful are clear-cut standouts, lead in my mind by the 1995 release of Mouse by Jay Semko. Well Life Happens by Kim Fontaine is right up their folks. The interesting thing is that there is a connection between Fontaine and Semko. Semko provides the lead vocals on Sad Love Song. That's pretty heady company for Fontaine considering Semko is most famous as a member of the Northern Pikes (who will be in Yorkton this summer as a highlight grandstand concert of the annual summer fair).
So what does Fontaine offer up to rate such a high mark? Well to begin with she has a unique quality to her voice, one that has an almost male timbre to it, that really catches the ear.
Next, like Semko's Mouse, the lyrics are good here, not as poetically moving as Semko achieved, but still solid enough to earn a strong review.
Musically this is that sweet musical genre of pop folk. The music via its lyrics and approach is very much true to folk roots, but the addition of a broader range of instrumentation. Including electric guitar takes it into the rock world too.
Cuts such as This Old Train, The Story of Mona, Home and the CD title-cut are my favs here, although the entire CD works for me too.
This CD should get good play on college radio, but deserves a much broader audience. Mark this one a definite winner. Grab it now.

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