Sunday, July 22, 2007

Review - GO - Don't Stay Broken

What is a more fitting CD to review this week than Go's Don't Stay Broken.
Go, local music fans will remember, was the winning band at the inaugural Battle of the Bands competition held at the Yorkton Exhibition in 2006, a title they had to relinquish with the crowning of a new champion for 2007 Friday (see related story this edition). I was fortunate to have been among the judge's for the event, and when we as a group of judges gathered after the final to discuss which band was most deserving of the win, we kept coming back to Go. It was a very tough competition, with Volcanoless In Canada making its own case for the win, but on that day Go were just on top of their game.
To listen to their CD, I still hear why we gave them the nod. Yes it's only a six-song EP, and I usually avoid reviewing EPs with so many quality full-length efforts around, but since Go had the local win, made the exception.
As far as a six-song effort goes, Go pulled together a pretty solid effort for their first time in the studio (Touchwood Studios in Regina).
There are a number of cuts here which have the 'radio friendly' sound which should ensure some radio play, something every band just breaking into the business so badly needs to take a step toward bigger and better things.
The CD starts off hot with Running For My Life, a song I remember as attention catching when they performed it in the Battle of the Bands competition. The title cut follows and is another strong song, that keeps Go's momentum flowing.
The final cut; The Other Side is also very good.
If one thing is missing here, it might be a change-of-pace ballad where the music is turned down a bit, and the tempo slowed. As it is though this is a definite rockin' first effort.
Go is made up of three brothers, Chad Greziuk on guitar, Jonathon on bass and Nathan on Drums, and is fronted by vocalist by Big O (aka Orren Orest Oshynko). Big O has a great stage personality, with a strong enough voice to help set Go apart from many bands, while the brothers do a solid job musically, and should only get better, especially considering how solid drummer Nathan is already, and he's still too young to have a brew if they play a bar.
This is a band with a lot of upside, and I'm glad to say I played a small role in their current level of recognition as a past judge.
I'd also hope people take an opportunity to support a local area band (they are from Foam Lake) by picking up Don't Stay Broken, it is a solid CD to add to any collection.

-- - Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 11, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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