Sunday, July 22, 2007

Review - JESSICA ROBINSON - Hummingbird

Jessica Robinson
Hummingbird has been flitting around now for awhile for Jessica Robinson, and so I'd usually pass on reviewing it, but hey this gal has a tie locally so I have to give her a plug. Besides it's sort of timely to review Robinson's work, considering her career took a major step in her career capturing the GX94 Star Search in 2001, and it was only 10-days ago Jessica Moskaluke was crowned the 17th Star Search winner (see July 11 edition of YTW for details).
Quite frankly when I listen to Hummingbird I am surprised Robinson's career hasn't blossomed more than it has. This girl can flat out sing, and is certainly as good as many female vocalists getting a Nashville push these days. It does make you wonder what the difference between a big record push, and scratching out a career back home on the Canadian Prairies is?
However, that's a philosophical question which could spur a week's worth of speculation, so back to Robinson.
Robinson has her finger in penning almost every cut on the 11-song offering, many in combination with Steve Fox. Fox must like working with GX winners since he has been busy penning songs with another former champion; Samara Yung for her upcoming full length CD. (Keep reading YTW will be following that project as it develops).
Between Robinson and Fox they've come up with a great selection of material.
This lady starts strong with the title cut, and she never stumbles the rest of the way. I am impressed with the slower tempo Leader of the Band, an anthem for every school band leader who has ever held a baton (I bet it brings a tear to Larry Pearen's eye). This was written by Dan Fogelberg.
Other songs that rise above an overall solid group are I'll Save My Prayers (For Bigger Things), There It Is, There's Something About Planes and Bridges Behind Me.
Little Dirt Road is an upbeat, fun song that works as a change of pace too.
Robinson impresses here. It will be interesting to see how she steps forward from this since she has really found a groove with Hummingbird. This girl deserves to be heard by every country fan. A true winner. Check her out at

-- - Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 18, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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