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Review - KAT DANSER - Somethin Familiar

Kat Danser
Wow! I never realized Stockholm, SK. was bayou country.
But, after listening to Kat Danser, a blues performer out of Edmonton, who was born in the Stockholm area I'm starting to think it's time to do some 'gator hunting in the area.
OK, so it's not bayou, just good old Saskatchewan parkland, but something sure put bayou-laden blues blood in this lady. On Somethin Familiar, Danser's second full-length recording effort, you hear a style could more easily have come out of a Louisiana swamp, rather than a small Prairie town.
Danser has a smoky, husky voice which she puts together on a CD packed with slow-paced, country influenced blues. A perfect example of the style is Yesterday's Blues, a laid back, soulful blues song.
While the style and voice Danser offers up may seem out of place, it still catches and holds you, as long as you are comfortable with the slow, lamenting blues. I love the explanation of her style on her website; “
She is one part backwoods juke joint, one part plow puller and two parts dusty ol’ canvas tent revival.”
To Danser's credit, she appears keenly aware of what fits her husky voice, and she has written a CD full of material that meshes perfectly with her voice. She lets the gravel in her voice work for her, with growly numbers that work perfectly. On the odd occasion she takes the music out of bull low, ramping it up to a second gear, like on the cut Keep On Movin' the results are the weakest on the CD. That isn't to say they are bad, but they don't attain the level of the slower cuts.
Meanwhile, Danser hits them deep with songs such as Gypsy Man, Bad Seed, Blame It On The Moon and Hangin' By A Thread.
This is ultimately a lady which would no doubt best be appreciated in one of those shadowy, smoke-filled, blues bars made famous by Hollywood, or maybe a concert out in some field among farm workers bent to their task – especially apparent on a cut like Carry Me Home. Both Danser's lyrics and her voice exude soul, to the point you just know this 29-year-old is destined to become one of this country's premier female roots vocalists.
Mark this one a can't miss, must have effort. Check Danser out more at

-- - Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 11, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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