Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Review -- FROM CHIMPAN-A to CHIMPAN-Z -- Designs

From Chimpan-a to Chimpan-z
Well, if a band got points based on its name alone, Chimpan-a to Chimpan-z would get a ton of bonus points, cause the name is quite inventive and catchy.
Take the name out of the picture, the next thing you immediately notice is the voice of Elsa Gebremichael, the female lead of the band. She has a high energy style, yet a vocally clear voice that allows you to hear the words, even with the band belting out some high energy rock behind her.
A blurb on the band's myspace page sums up the rock style this band puts out. “A dynamic center between driving punk, art rock experimentation, and thinking mans pop, the band’s sound is simultaneously thought provoking and infectious.”
Another thing I really like about this effort is the band's willingness to include some wonderful instrumentation mixes to the recording. A cello is incorporated on several cuts including Dead Eyes and Dreamcatcher, both of which also have a viola at work. This is not the type of music where you would generally expect such classical instruments to be used.
The CD also has harp on Love Is A Fire! And Can't Live, Flute on Designs and accordion on Bar Mitzvah.
This is a very entertaining CD from the opening cut Berlin to the end. It is high energy from the get go, just daring the listener to strap in and hang on for the fun ride. A very solid first effort worth a look. Check them out at http://www.chimpana2z.com/

-- - Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 4, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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