Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Review -- SUPER STACK -- Self-titled

7 (8)-out-of-10
To start with, I should explain Super Stack is not the newest breakfast dish at a local restaurant.
Nor, is Super Stack the latest bale hauler from one of the farm machinery companies.
Instead, Super Stack is a straight ahead Canadian rock band out of Ontario, and this CD is their first effort, and it's a good one.
People in Yorkton who appreciate live music, and good rock 'n roll should have been at Rayzr's Pub in the Yorkton Hotel this weekend since Super Stack played a two-night gig here. Some bands are best in a studio, and some best seen live, and Super Stack falls into the second category. Their live sets were definitely in the groove at Rayzr's and my opinion of the band climbed after enjoying them live Friday. That is why the double score. They gain a point on the live show over the CD alone.
Scott Donnelly has a memorable voice, one that in spite of straight ahead rock music, the band allowed to shine through clearly. He is also a killer on guitar with a number of really solid solos live.
Drummer Brian Lahaie was also fun to watch, with bassist Greg Mihajic.
Onto the CD, well these guys offer up 12 cuts of original material, although again they have a broader original repertoire live. They play straight ahead rock, although you get a bluesy feel underlying several cuts, which probably tells you were they will migrate as musicians as they mature. A lot of rockers go blues in later life.
I must say I prefer when Super Stack slows it down a gear. I really think Road Tales & The Love Lost and Fingers and Thumbs are two of the best songs offered on their debut CD. True Love and the Pie Lady follow the top two closely.
The lead cut Here I Am, Kick It On Down and High Again are the best of the more up-temp efforts.
These guys are on an extended tour across Canada and into the United States. Their live shows will win them a lot of fans, and they could well break bigger than they currently are, so you might want to get in on the ground floor and pick this one up. Check them out at www.superstackmusic.com

- Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 25 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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