Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Review -- 18 RABBIT -- The Blame Is Ours

18 Rabbit

The first time you listen to 18 Rabbit's CD The Blame Is Ours wear your headphones on. The lead into the opening cut Levitate is a definite sensory twist on headphones.
With that little secret suggestion out of the way, I must say I was curious to hear this band since doing a story earlier this year on a concert at Assessippi Ski Resort in which 18 Rabbit were sharing a stage with Volcanoless In Canada, the locally well-known band. I wanted to know if this Manitoba band performed the same stylistically as Volcanoless. They don't.
Now that isn't a bad thing, just a fact that 18 Rabbit attacks their style of rock and roll with a more electric sound. This is pretty straight ahead rock, not quite metal, but at least leaning in that direction.
There are times you can almost hear the Rolling Stones a band these guys may have grown up following.
18 Rabbit has a sound that while still having a rawness that you want in rock, has a maturity to it as well. That simply shows these guys are becoming a veteran unit with The Blame Is Ours being the band's third recording effort. It follows their debut effort Smoking Gods and Our Place In the Shadows.
The band is made up of bassist Ryan Felstad the writer of the lyrics on all cuts and the band's main vocalist, Les Mitchell, vocalist and guitarist, and Darrin Cherewayko on drums.
In his writing Felstad shows a political awareness that he brings out in his music, Lord of War, a number interspersed with supposed news broadcast clips, is a powerful piece, and lyrically is the best here.
18 Rabbit also has lots of straight rock here too, with cuts such as Mind Ablaze, Crowned, and Juggernaut definitely catching my attention.
I like these guys – a lot! If you like edgy rock take a chance and follow these guys down the rabbit hole. Check them out at

-- Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 29, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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