Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Review -- JANN ARDEN -- Uncover Me

Jann Arden
Universal Music Canada
Oh Jann why?
There are few, if any female vocalists I enjoy any more than I do Jann Arden. She has a phenomenal voice, and thankfully that remains here.
I also appreciate Arden for unique lyrics and the feelings she is able to bring to her work.
In some cases, such as Bring The Boys Home, the emotion is still here, but this isn't Arden. Rather it is Arden singing a collection of 10 cover songs. It works on something like Bring The Boys Home released in 1971 by Freda Payne, since it is an all but forgotten piece.
But, when Arden heads into the ultra familiar California Dreamin' I hear that great voice, and just wish it was being applied to something new and something that is more Arden, since she is such a great songwriter.
I was excited by the thought of a new Arden release and while I can listen to Uncover Me for the voice alone, I get a better package throwing Living Under June, Happy, or any of her earlier recordings on the player.
I am sure this CD will do well for Arden, but to me this is something of a filler effort. I hope Arden is busy writing, instead of touring to support this rehash of other's people's work. I will simply have to wait a while longer before Arden teams her beautiful voice and wonderful songwriting skills on an album like her fans have come to expect.
Even as a huge Arden fan myself I have to suggest you play your older material from this Canadian diva of music, and save your money for her next CD rather than rushing to buy Uncover Me, a recommendation based solely on the material.
You can watch for her next release at

-- Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 22, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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