Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Review -- M'GIRL -- Fusion Of Two Worlds


Just because a CD has earned an award doesn't mean it is something immediately worth adding to one's private play list. In the case of M'Girl's Fusion of Two Worlds though, the list of awards it has garnered should be taken as a clear indication this is an album to search out and add to the collection.
The CD earned a Female Traditional Cultural Roots Album Award in 2006 at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. The album also had a nomination for Favourite World Artist/Group of the Year from the Canadian Indie Awards.
M'Girl is an Aboriginal Women's Ensemble with a line up for this album including Renae Morriseau, Sheila Maracle, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Tiare Laporte, and the three gals mesh perfectly.
The strength of this work is captured in the CD's title. This is a work of fusion, not only of two worlds, combining traditional Aboriginal themes and styles with more mainstream music, but also a fusing of a number of musical styles.
The groups website at explains M'Girl's sound as harmonies which “
incorporate the sounds of R&B, blues, folk/roots, house and world beat with traditional Aboriginal melodic phrasing, song-forms and rhythms ... The message in the music is an emergence of cultural ideals and worldviews from the perspectives of their Metis/Cree (Nêhiyawin), Ojibway and Mohawk backgrounds.
It is truly a refreshing sound that results from M'Girl's efforts at fusing all the cultural and musical styles together, and in so doing they have truly created something with a bigger and better sound than they could have focusing on any of the individual components.
There are 12 cuts here, and there is no picking favourites. They all deserve your ear. This one could fast become a favourite for anyone who appreciates great music.

-- Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 29, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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