Sunday, October 7, 2007

Review -- CODIE PREVOST -- The Road Ahead

Codie Prevost
Let's start by recognizing The Road Ahead has earned Codie Prevost some recognition early in his career, having been picked as the Saskatchewan Country Music association's Album of the Year Award for 2006.
When you give the CD it's first spin and Better Off Alone, the album's first cut kicks in, you can tell why it has garnered attention. Prevost is right in the pocket in terms of today's country sound.
This is Prevost's first album, and to his credit he has a hand in writing most of the 12 songs, usually in collaboration with the Cd's producer Steve Fox. Fox is becoming recognized as the 'go-to' guy for young country performers in terms of material and production.
It is interesting to see A Million Miles Away, one of the best songs on the album was actually co-written by Jay Semko, famous as a Northern Pike member. It's always neat to see the connections within the music industry.
This is ultimately a CD that is safe. Prevost isn't taking any chances here. These songs have “written for radio” all over them. There are the party songs such as Not Just The Beer Talking', something that is a party song, with a catchy chorus. We've heard a hundred derivatives of this song on radio the last decade, which isn't to say Prevost's won't find favor with the same audience.
Songs like The Road Ahead is as strong as any you will hear on country radio, and that says a lot for where this young performer is musically.
I get something of the feel of the Poverty Plainsman's first CD in as much as this effort has a lot of potential single releases, although Prevost's debut isn't quite at the same quality of Gotta Be A Believer, which I rate one of the best country CDs out in the last 20 years.
Still, country fans are going to like this. Check Prevost out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Oct 3, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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