Thursday, October 18, 2007

Review -- JP HOE & the TRULY RICHARDS -- The Live Beta Project

JP Hoe & the Truly Richards
Rounding out the Winnipeg themed grouping of WCMA Pop Recording of the Year nominees being reviewed here is the live offering by JP Hoe & the Truly Richards.
Hoe is a songwriter that must have some folk influences in his background, at least you are left thinking that as he opens up with the song Always, using minimalist instrumentation to open before jumping into a more pop/rock sound mid way through the cut. It's a rather effective way of showing the two sides of his music. Once amped up, the sound is a little like Volcanoless In Canada in spots. A reference here simply because they are so well-known locally.
I do like some of the instrumentation Hoe employs. The little harmonica riffs on Completely is an example. It is only in there a little bit, but is so effective because of its minimalistic use. By the way Completely might be the best cut here.
Vocally, Hoe is the most unique among the four reviewed here. He sings with energy and that permeates this CD. One can feel the energy he must give off when on stage since this is a live effort recorded at the Park Theatre in the 'Peg.
As for his writing, Hoe brings a poet's heart to his songs, on cuts such as Lady Bliss and Since You Could Be really comes to the forefront. The strength of this CD comes from Hoe's lyrics.
Cuts like Rise, Nicest and All of a Sudden are all great, among a lot of really hot material here.
Just to add to the mix, Hoe does one cover, wrapping up this 13-cut effort with a rendition of David Bowie's All The Young Dudes.
Another first full length effort from an artist that you should keep an eye on if you like folk/pop/rock. His combination of poetical lyrics, and the energy of a live performance gives this CD a slight edge on the field. Check it out at

-- Reviews first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Oct. 17, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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