Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Review -- SIMON FISK -- You and Yours

Simon Fisk

Simon Fisk's You and Yours is one of two albums being reviewed this week which are up for the WCMA Best Jazz Album award. This is second such nomination with the Simon Fisk Trio receiving a nomination in the same category in 2003 for Trainwrecks.
Fisk hails from Calgary, and is a bassist, so right off the bat you know this is a CD with a deep undertone resonance, which is something I personally like.
The style here is definitely modernistic, with its share of electronica adding a layer to more traditional jazz roots.
The result is breathtaking at times. The overall approach to the piece Jan 29 is dynamic, unusual, and totally satisfying.
What Fisk manages here is a sound that is different enough to catch and hold a listener's attention – you find yourself not wanting to miss the nuances – and yet with familiar enough underpinnings to not turn off a traditionalist jazz fan.
Kudos to Fisk, and his supporting band of Aaron Young, guitar, Chris Gestrin piano and Kenton Loewen, drums and percussion, for achieving the balance.
Often electronica, experimental jazz can end up being just so much noise, but Fisk holds the reins just enough to keep his sound from going completely feral. At the same time listeners will want to be at least a little bit willing to walk the wild side, or this may not be to their tastes. Fisk is after all one clearly not held by tradition. A song like New Sketch proves that.
At the same time a cut like Don't Forget To Mention Me is more traditional in approach, giving the CD a nice blend.
For me though, it is the walk into the wilds of jazz, looking to twist sounds in new, yet pleasing fashions, which set this CD apart, and make it worthy of the nine score. Jazz freaks go get this one.
You can check out more about this exciting jazz artist at his website

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Oct 24, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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