Friday, November 9, 2007

Review -- CAPTAIN TRACTOR -- North of the Yellowhead

Captain Tractor
Six Shooter Records

Way back in 1994 I had the opportunity to review Land from Captain Tractor, and was really blown away by this Edmonton band with it Celtic roots sound tinged with a good share of humour.
East of Edson in 1995 followed that tradition.
Then a number of CDs came out that I have sadly missed, but I'm back on the tractor with North of the Yellowhead, the band's most recent release.
Through the missed CDs, four being release between East of Edson and this effort, Captain Tractor has evolved.
There is less Celtic here. In fact you've got to listen real hard to find a hint of the Gaelic here; although it does pop up a bit on cuts like The Southern Cross.
At the same time the band has gone into lyrics that are generally more humourous overall than in their earliest works.
The result is a band that is probably a blast at university parties, but doesn't quite cut it turning on the player at home.
This may be a case of memories from more than a decade ago overshadowing the current release, but I'll be digging out the earlier Captain Tractor works before giving this one a regular listen. My guess is if you are a fan and have been along listening to the evolution over the seven CDs the band has released, then this might be better received. However, I can't quite make the jump. I want the old tractor back.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Nov 7, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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