Monday, December 10, 2007

Review -- BURNTHE8TRACK -- Fear of Falling Skies

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8-out of 10

Let's start by giving these guys a little pat on the back, and a smile for their name. I suppose most of their listeners may not even have seen an 8-track, but for those of us with a touch of grey in our hair (OK, more than a touch in my case) I can fondly remember boxes of 8-track tapes bouncing around in the cab of my first half-ton truck. It's a nice retro reference to music's not so distant past.
Speaking of a tie to the past, as Burnthe8track kicks off this CD with The Great Divide, old rockers might remember a few bands of the past, a touch of Styx perhaps, a dash of Prism, a dollop of a few other bands from that era. Yes folks this is straight ahead rock ' n roll.
The band's website (check it out at suggests the band has a punkish sound, and while that genre may be an influence, songs such as Intelligence Lost are good old fashioned rock anthems which seem to pay as much homage to metal as they do to punk.
Formed in 2001, this band hails from Winnipeg, its membership including brothers Derek and Jason Kun (vocals and guitar respectively), Sam Osland (drums) and Mike Goreski (bass).
The band obviously has some experience behind it, with Fear of Falling Skies their second album. The polish shows. They manage that fine line between walls of driving guitar, and being able to keep the vocals clear, and a focus of their music. This is not simply vocals screamed aimlessly into a microphone. Songs such as San Sebastian have solid lyrics, and vocally Derek Kun has a rather melodic voice. It's a well-achieved balance.
Burnthe8track can also slow it down, not to the point of losing touch with real rock, but to the point it gives the listener a different emotional perspective, something especially evident on the CD's title cut.
This is definitely a super solid effort which is well worth checking out. Just go get it folks.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 5, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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