Monday, December 10, 2007

Review -- MARIANAS TRENCH -- Fix Me

Marianas Trench
604 Records
9-out of 10
Welcome to a nugget of Canadian rock gold.
Marianas Trench comes out of the gate hard and fast on Fix Me, hitting the listener with a home run stroke on the CD's lead cut Say Anything.
While some bands tend to shoot their only silver bullet with their first song, Marianas Trench shows they had a fully loaded revolver, and they simply keep popping off the dead eye shots that easily find the bull's eye.
This is another debut album, and WOW! these guys had a portfolio of killer tunes in the bag for a fledgling effort. There are a number of hits here, including Decided To Break It, September, Alibis and Shake Tramp (which has lyrics some parents will cringe at, so be warned).
These guy have an undeniable energy that flows through their music. It's infectious.
The band plays hard edged rock, but it's the catchy lyrics, carried forward by lead vocalist Josh Ramsay which makes Marianas Trench such a memorable effort.
This is one Canadian band – they hail from Vancouver – you want to follow. Get this CD, enjoy it start to finish, and hope we don't have to wait too long before these guys give us more.
These guys have an edginess to their pop/punk/rock approach, and it works. Mark this one a can't miss, must have.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 5, 2007 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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