Friday, January 11, 2008

Review -- LIESA NORMAN -- Self Titled

Liesa Norman
It constantly amazes me how fresh new voices emerge seemingly from no where, demanding attention.
Liesa Norman is one of those voices.
When you look into this young lady's background, you do get a better understanding that music has long been part of her life, having started playing both flute and piano in her formative pre-teen years. She went on to achieve a doctorate for her flute, and has played with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.
Being a skilled flutist is one thing. However, it is another to have a voice which can carry a CD, and not just carry it, but to be special enough that the listener is left thinking they have spent time with an emerging star. Liesa Norman pulls that off.
The question for me is just where Norman's voice will ultimately take her. There are true pop hit cuts here such as Fear and Loving and Days Go By, which suggest this gal might be taking on the crowded world of modern music with the likes of Pink and Madonna. Vocally, and stylistically she could handle that, although we all know that world is as much about glitz, promotion, smoke, mirrors and luck, as it is about voice and music.
At the same time Norman has a voice that could carry off jazz music just as easily, and while maybe not having the same 'bright lights' stardom as pop/rock, it may be a career she will pursue. There are certainly elements of jazz flowing through some of the songs here, including the sultry lyrics of Hey Boy.
Most impressive is that Norman has penned the 10 electronica-influenced pop tunes here (I love Little Monsters for its beat and simplicity), a major event for someone offering up their debut. I can only imagine that this side of her music will deepen too as she gains experience both in life, and in the pop genre.
This is a gal that could ... no make that should ... be among the next generation of big names coming out of Canada.
I like it – A LOT!!!!!
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan.9, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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liesa said...

Hey Calvin,
Thank-you so much for the glowing review, it is much appreciated and I will keep you posted on my upcoming album! This album is currently being re-released by universal records on february 26th 2008.
Liesa Norman