Saturday, January 26, 2008

Review -- MEGAN LANE -- Wrapped In Plastic

Megan Lane

Fans of the sadly long gone blues nights at the Painted Hand Casino are likely to recall a young female guitar slinger from Saskatoon named Megan Lane. Well this girl is starting to grow up, and that shows in her CD release Wrapped In Plastic.
With this work, her second CD release, Lane offers up what might be best described as blues for the new millennium. This is music which fits in the same list with someone like the famed Poppa Chubby who really kicks the rock into the blues.
What Lang does well here is infuse rock and blues, especially noticeable on the cut Moving On ..., a song with rock leaning lyrics, and incorporating some killer blues-style guitar solos.
Of course we should expect a strength of the CD to be the guitar work, since Lane is one of several strong blues guitarists to emerge from the Queen City, a group which includes Jordan Cook and Kyle Riabko.
There are times where Lane gets a little lost on where she is going musically though. For example After Sex Cigarette has poppish lyrics which don't really fit Lane's somewhat angry growling voice, nor does the lyrical approach fit with her powerful guitar skills.
That does not mean this is a bad CD. What it does suggest is that Lane is still young, and that alone means she is feeling out where she wants to go musically. She was obviously born into the blues, but as a teen most find their way to whatever is popular, and at this time bringing the two worlds together is a challenge. At times Lane handles it as a master. At times her inexperience still shows through.
Still, this is an album blues fans should consider since it will be part of the legacy of a performer who one day could be remembered as one of the greats as she develops her craft.
At the same time, this CD will not be a disappointment to rockers either, which is good since it does leave doors open for Lane as she grows.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan.23, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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