Friday, January 18, 2008

Review -- TELE -- Self-Titled


It's always fun to review a band you know readers will have an opportunity to see live, and that is the case with TELE, a band from Winnipeg.
The band, which released its debut CD in late 2007, will be playing at Holly's Nite Club next Thursday (Jan. 24), and after giving their CD a few spins lovers of modern rock will want to check out the show. This is a band with a sound that has definite scope. In interviewing lead singer Matt Worobec for a story (see related article this issue), he talked about the band having a European flavour, and about trying to create a big sound. Well as a lover of symphonic metal, I can hear some of the same approaches here. TELE comes at the listener with some neat musical sounds, such as the intro to the song Lullaby, and the overall approach to the lead cut Hello, Hello. Nicely done boys.
If there is one complaint here, TELE has taken something of a minimalist approach in terms of song length. They are songs which might be perfect for radio lengthwise, but frankly with the sound these guys produce, I wanted them to delve into their work a little deeper. I think they could have taken the product another step by giving themselves the freedom to go a bit longer on some of the cuts, even if that kept them from being popular radio picks. There are times these guys take an epic approach musically, and that begs for a cut or three which flirt with 10-minute masterpieces of sound. They do let go on Notice, and it might be the best cut on the CD (being a toss up with Choose).
Monster is also a song where TELE hits everything just right.
Still this is a hot new release from a band which is taking a different approach to their music than many Canadian bands these days. They simply borrow from sounds beyond our own borders, and it works well for them.
These guys are definitely worth a listen, so check them out next week at Holly's, or find them on the Internet at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan.16, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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