Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Review -- THE BLUE VOODOO -- Back To The Shack

The Blue Voodoo

I am continually amazed how disks from bands I had not heard of previously arrive, and when you spin the unknown disk you are immediately impressed by the music.
That is certainly the case with The Blue Voodoo, a blues band out of Vancouver. Now I'll admit I was hoping these guys would be good because the band name just trips atmosphere.
The CD title Back to the Shack certainly seemed to indicate a roots-based approach to the genre too, and while there are underpinnings of roots, this is generally higher tempo that you might expect from true roots blues.
I'd categorize The Blue Voodoo as a southern-fried blues band, one that has lots of character and beat to their music.
The band is comprised of Ted Tosoff on guitar and vocals, Rick Dalgarno on guitar and slide dobro and vocals, Kelly Stodola on drums and Gerry Berg on bass. Musically the band plays tight, although it is the gravely vocals from Tosoff which drive this CD best.
This is the band's first CD effort, and they have put together a really solid collection of 14 songs penned by the band. You have to give them credit for forging forward with their own material right from the get-go.
The best cut is the deep south-dipped Black Moon, but there are several other cuts you will remember as you play this one regularly.
You really hear the grit in the vocals on the high-tempo Monday Morning Blues. Suitcase Blues goes the other direction, with a slower, more mournful approach. Somewhere Else Instead is a strong opening cut which introduces you to a really solid new blues band.
It is to be hoped these guys stay together a few years, because they will only get better, and they are darned good right now.
Check them out at www.thebluevoodoo.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb. 13, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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voodoohead said...

Thanks for the review Calvin
a few points of interest though for you and your readers

This the bands 3rd cd

Ride in 2003 and Sparkle and Shine in 2004 were around first and both received some nominations
Ride a maple blues for new artist
Sparkle and shine outstanding blues

The guy with the gritty vocals is Rick Dalgarno, sorry I should have sent out this in a outline of who sang what..

For any blues fans attending the
Saskatchewan blues fests coming up the bluevoodoo will be in Regina on
Feb 28 Saskatoon on Feb 29 and Swift Current on March 1


thanks again for all your hard work and if any are interested check out their facebook fan site for info and videos at

Bryon Tosoff
Voodoohead Productions