Saturday, March 15, 2008

Review -- AMOS THE TRANSPARENT -- Everything I've Forgotten To Forget

Amos the Transparent
Given the rather funky name of the band, and the intriguing CD title, I was expecting something fresh and interesting from this Ottawa band, and I was not disappointed.
The opening track, the title song, has an infectious pacing, and really wonderful musical presentation. I particularly like the addition of trombone played by Evan Cranley.
Overall Amos the Transparent is soft rock, which means the listener is afforded the opportunity to really focus in on the lyrics, and while maybe not the next great Canadian poet Jonathon Chandler does a solid job of creating material you want to listen to. One such cut is My Fear Of Animals, a song with moody instrumentation, and an interesting set of lyrics around what at its heart is a love song. Nicely done.
Another major plus for Amos is that they come at you with a full musical sound. In an age when most bands end up three guys on stage with a guitar, bass and drums, this band has at times up to seven members pouring out the music including the likes of Mark Hyne, Ana Miura, Steven Bragg, Kelsey McNulty and Cameron McLellan, and that simply adds to the richness of the music.
This is a CD with a ton of good music. I love songs such as All You Bellydancers Unite! We Are But Sorrowed Men, another song with a full band sound, and a somewhat dark, mood-ridden approach.
I also like the addition of vocals by Amy Millan on several cuts. Her voice is a perfect contrast to the male leads of Amos, and adds yet another layer to the material on After All That, It's Come To This. A nice touch.
Some might find the CD a little melancholy, there is not a lot of upbeat, the sun shines brightly, sort of songs, but who cares. This is great music, and it deserves an ear. Check it out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Mar. 12, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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