Thursday, March 27, 2008

Review -- HOT BLOOD BOMBERS -- In The Mercury High

Hot Blood Bombers
The Hot Blood Bombers are yet another of those emerging hot rock bands which seem to be springing up with increased regularity here in Saskatchewan.
Based in Regina, the Bombers are becoming veteran recording artists with In the Mercury High being at least the band's third release following the 2006 release of Red Wine, Loose Lips, and Punk Is Dead and Your Next from 2005, which was something of an inappropriate CD title considering the band pretty much proves punk is alive.
The band bills itself as garage/punk, and that certainly fits. This is hard driving, guitar driven music, yet there is a soul here, albeit often a dark one. This is the kind of music which demands to be played loud so you can give yourself over completely to the music.
This is a fat album, with the Bombers offering up 15 cuts, and it's also a recording which has gained industry recognition. The CD was chosen as the Outstanding Rock Recording at the 2007 Western Canadian Music Awards. The win is not surprising considering this is pure rock, OK with its punk underpinnings.
While it's hard to pick a best song – the one I like best has an expletive title not possible to print here – this is a CD which really needs to be taken as a total package. It comes at you in powerful waves of driving music which are characterized by strong, powerful instrumentals, and loud vocals, which are still generally understandable, a plus for music of this kind.
I can imagine a live performance would be a definite deafening experience to enjoy.
You can check out the band at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Mar. 26, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada


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