Sunday, April 27, 2008

Review -- ANNE LINDSAY -- News From Up The Street

Anne Lindsay
When you see someone who professes that their musical style is folk/jazz, if you are like me you immediately wonder exactly what you're going to hear.
Well that is what Anne Lindsay's spot on suggests is this Toronto artist's style, and really her work is even more eclectic than that.
The lead cut, He Shoots, He Scores is pretty straight ahead folk violin as an instrumental number.
Then Lindsay hits you with the title cut, a song where you first hear this gal's memorable voice. She has a timbre that sticks with you.
Musically News From Up the Street has something of an 'world' music undertone, with a hand drum adding a sort of Middle Eastern beat.
As you are taken through the 14 cuts here, you learn Lindsay has borrowed from a number of cultural musical styles, throwing a splash of Eastern Europe here, some South American rhythms there, and twisting them all together rather skillfully by the power of her violin.
This is a happy album, almost playful at times on cuts such as Mirandance.
This is Lindsay's second album, following her 2001 release of Eavesdropping. I quite imagine anyone picking up this new effort will quickly be out looking for the earlier CD too. This is an infectious album, one that is rich in it's cultural textures, and delightful to the ear.
It is rather gratifying to hear Lindsay start a song such as The Silvery Slocan with work that is pure bluegrass fiddle, onto which she then adds new stylistic layers, including a Cape Breton lilt.
Then on a somg like The Man I Love, Lindsay shifts into full on jazz and it still works.
It's clear no one style fully satisfies this lady. She is a world explorer with her violin, picking up bits and pieces of many styles and using them skillfully to make her own sound.
Beautifully done. Check her out at

--Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 23, 2008 - Yorkton, SK.Canada

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