Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Review -- CHRISTINA -- The First Time

Ah, what more can you ask for than sweet jazz delivered by a gal with a sweet voice. It's a killer combo, and that's exactly what Christina (Schmolke) offers up on her CD The First Time.
Actually Christina bills herself as a pop/R&B singer, and that might be a truer representation of her music. That's certainly evident on cuts such as Now Becomes the Future.
However, on a cut like the lead No Regrets, there is a definite underlying jazz feel.
In the end, you can apply whatever musical label you want to this CD, and it still comes out as a pleasing experience when you listen to it.
Christina has that kind of voice, while not startlingly unique, which is wonderfully smooth, and pleasant. She has a sort of relaxed vocal style which makes this CD an easy listen. One where you just sit down and get absorbed in the relaxing atmosphere of her approach to music.
Christina’s website ( describes the effort as one which “combines infectious grooves with soulful songwriting using horns, strings, and the occasional drum sample.” That pretty much covers it.
The First Time is the debut album for the Edmonton native. It was co-produced with Edmonton musicians Thom Bennett and Moni Mathews at Homestead Recorders (Edmonton). Barry Allen engineered and mixed the album.
The CD is one made possible thanks to Rawlco Radio as Christina was awarded a grant from their 10K 20 music project for the album.
This is one of those CDs where, if you like R&B/jazz/pop you will definitely want to pick it up since it is likely to be remembered as the one which launched the career of a future star. I just hope she is able to find an audience for her music here in Canada. This is another performer that leaves me wishing we had a venue for such music here in Yorkton. A definite treat.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 9, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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