Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review -- THE DIVORCEES -- You Ain't Getting My Country

The Divorcees
So how good are The Divorcees? Well, the East Coast Music Awards are rather highly coveted given the heritage for music that region of Canada has, and these guys walked away with the 2008 Country Recording of the Year Award. That tells you something right there.
Yep, this is country folks. The kind of country that is all about rockabilly, cowboy boots, cold beer and summer parties. These guys really cook it up with lots of banjo, mandolin, fiddle and pedal steel.
They hit the ground running with the title cut, then turn up the tempo and heat with Take, Take, Take.
This is fun country. Rockin' with pure, traditional country instrumentation. I love it. This has elements of Nashville to be sure, but it's more free form than that, reaching back into the heart of country for some old fashioned partying soul.
Slap on your cowboy hat and get up on the dance floor with a cold one in one hand, and your partner in the other, and don't expect to be going to work the next day, cause you won't be crawling home 'til sun up.
The Divorcees just keep plowing forward with song after song that have you bopping along, whether it's Hard Luck SOB, Red Haired, Red Blooded Woman, or the remaining cuts on this fat 13-cut effort.
The band is made up of Brock Gallant, Jason Haywood, Denis Arsenault and Alex Madsen, and one listen you'll be glad these guys got together. If you like country, then mark this one as a must have. WOW!!!!!!!! it's a hot one. You can find them at www.thedivorcees.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 7, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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