Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Review -- COLD DRIVEN -- Steel Chambers

Steel Chambers
Cold Driven
Catch 23 Records
How often do we think we've found a band that is an overnight sensation, then find they've really been toiling away for a lot of years honing their skills? Well, that is sort of the feeling you might get when you listen to Cold Driven.
This band out of B.C. has a really killer-sounding disk with Steel Chambers, but it is not their first effort, so they have already been around for a while.
And, in truth these guys are not yet a full-blown sensation, although this CD makes you wonder why they haven't broke bigger. It's that good, and that's really good news for local music fans since Cold Driven is playing Rayzr's Pub in Yorkton this Friday and Saturday.
So what will those attending the Yorkton gigs hear? Well, Cold Driven is a band which is a pretty honest, straight ahead, rock band. They don't really get hung up on some trendy sub-rock culture label, but instead they just play good music.
Cold Driven can slow it down with a sadder song like Cries Become the Silence, add a brief flash of symphonic opening on a killer cut such as We Carry On, or go straight rock like on the title cut.
Through it all this band is pretty tight musically, not surprising considering there are three sets of brothers involved in the line-up. Brothers are likely as keenly aware of how to mesh with their sibling band mates as anyone can be.
The sound too here is also big, and well-rounded. In an age of three-member rock bands, Cold Driven comes at listeners with a compliment of six. That adds something to the sound, although how they will all fit into Rayzr's could be interesting to see in itself.
In terms of music, I like what I hear here -- a lot! There is a pureness to the style that is refreshing in an era a lot of bands like to tack on some musical twists in an attempt to be fresh. These guys prove good music is as good a gimmick as you can get.
Check them out at Rayzr's, or online at, and grab Steel Chambers, it's worth the effort to find.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 21, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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Kevin said...


Was lucky enough to see them "live" here in Ontario early
this year and bought BOTH of their CD's.
Hear they are currently working on their 3rd one .... :)