Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Review -- CORB LUND -- Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!

Corb Lund
Stony Plain Records

Corb Lund deserves a medal simply for showing that you don't have to give into the current Nashville vision of country -- that sort of generic mash of country swirled with 80's rock, that all sounds the same after a while – to sell records.
Lund has proven that you can take the path less traveled, and if you can write good songs, and if you can sing, you can succeed.
This guy must have learned a few things watching the career of fellow Albertan Ian Tyson, another guy that found a way to make real cowboy music succeed. Really Lund simply takes it yet another step. The music often has an even more Canadian approach than Tyson, although with Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!, Lund has a bit more of an 'international approach' with a CD that hasn't got a lot to do with Canada.
In a way it shows some growth for Lund, this being his fifth CD. This latest effort is a theme piece, with the music focused on the horse, it's place in terms of battles through the decades, and of course the men who rode the proud beasts against the enemy.
As has become something of a trend with Lund, when he heads to the studio, he emerges with something which provides the future listener with a good value. This CD has 15 cuts, that's a fat recording from a guy that is a bona fide star at this point.
Now I like this guy. He can play and sing and write, and for those who saw his concert in Yorkton a couple of years ago, he can entertain too, and he continues that here. There are lots of good songs here, from the title cut through numbers such as I Wanna Be In the Cavalry through to The Horse I Ride On, and Especially A Paint.
This is a CD which will have any horse lover tearing up at times, and country music fans feeling well-satisfied every time they give it a spin.
Another excellent effort from a performer who knows how to do country the right way. You can learn more by checking out

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 28, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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