Friday, June 13, 2008

Review -- JACOB & LILY -- The Cathedral

Jacob & Lily
Jacob & Lily are an acoustic-driven, roots/pop duo from Winnipeg. Their music pays homage to a folk spirit, although the music has pop overtones. To the pair's credit they don't go so far with the pop as to water down the music, leaving it little more than sugar-coated verbiage set to music. There is great depth to the music here. They honour the roots style in that regard, keeping the music important.
Jacob and Lily are Karla Adolphie and Caleb Friesen, who cover all the instruments here, although it is important to note as roots music often is, the instrumentation is kept relatively simple here. It provides a nice compliment to Adolphie's voice, which has a haunting quality, and is clearly the strength of this material.
In reading about the duo, some have likened Adolphie to Sarah McLaughlin and Jann Arden. Both are fair comparisons. There are certainly vocal elements shared by Adolphie and McLaughlin, and since she is the writer here too, I see flashes of the same lyrical style of early Arden.
Yes, that's just how good this young lady is.
Friesen for his part, as the percussionist is a good match, willing to take a back seat to the talented songstress, but in so doing, adding a richness to the material.
This CD has several songs which are very rich. Adolphie has a practiced hand in writing songs too, and the duo's style allows the words to be the focus for the listener's consideration and understanding. I particularly like I'll See You Off, Ruby, End of Play and Hush.
That is one of the things that is truly pleasing here, Adolphie wants the listener to get inside the song with her. She gives you the words in a crystal clear fashion, hoping you will turn them over in your mind to better share the emotions and messages woven into the lyrics. Too often these days the words seem secondary to the material groups are offering. Jacob & Lily understand that following a roots path means keeping the lyrics at the forefront.
This is a duo that would be great to hear live in a small, friendly venue over a cup of coffee.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 11, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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