Friday, June 13, 2008

Review -- MARCO D'AMICO -- Meant To Be

Marco D'Amico
Raspberry Music
Sometimes a performer doesn't really fit into a nice pigeon-hole in terms of music, but they can still have a great voice, and provide something people want to listen too – you can include someone like Frank Sinatra on that list in my mind.
Marco D'Amico fits that list too. The music wouldn't exactly fit a lot of radio formats, but after you listen to Meant To Be you will wonder if a radio station might not do well to give this CD a few spins.
D'Amico has a smooth, crystal-clear, and engaging voice which handles the range of love songs here with a practiced beauty. When he hits songs such as With Or Without Me, and I Am, you almost have to stop anything you are doing, and simply enjoy the voice.
It's not too often a voice alone impresses anymore than this one. I really wish he had turned off the music on a couple of the songs here, and went acapella.
Not that D'Amico overpowers the songs with instrumentation, relying basically on his own guitar with, with the support of bass and percussion. To his credit he's a very solid guitar player too, showing off that side with the instrumental Ciao Bella. Very solid for a guy who's bio states he is self-taught on guitar.
It's not surprising, after a listen or two, that this guy was the winner of the 2007 Ontario Independent Music Awards, for Best Male Artist.
D'Amico also had his hand in writing the lyrics and music for most of the material here too, adding to the significance of the work.
As an Italian-Canadian, he shows off his heritage with a couple of numbers in Italian. A song such as Caruso is beautiful in any language.
Meant To Be is D'Amico's second CD, and hopefully just another step in a long music career, this one is certainly a winner. Check him out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 11, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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