Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Review -- NICOL LISCHKA -- Back Porchlight

Nicol Lischka

Yet another of the talented legion of musicians which seem to be emerging out of Saskatoon these days, Nicol Lischka comes at us with what is actually her sophomore release, although it's more like a second coming being released a decade after her debut Leaving For Omaha.
I can tell you the decade between releases hasn't meant a deterioration of skill. Lischka has a voice that has a haunting, yet beautiful quality, which is ideally suited to music which has folk as a foundation, on which she builds music with a modern, pop twist.
Like most who perform the best of the folk/pop genre, Lischka has written all the songs here, and her work with the pen shows she has a poet's soul. The lyrics are rich in mood, and draw the listener into her world.
Of course the best news for listeners is that Lischka shows a consummate skill in the way she takes her poetic writing to song form, a credit to her simplistic but beautiful instrumentation, and her rich with emotion voice.
The CD takes its name from the lyrics of Disappear, one of the best cuts here, although others such as Beating On My Heart, Just like Johnny Cash, a song with a more country feel, Half-Dead Flies are all songs to note.
This is a gal whose career should step forward with this release, and I sure hope it's not another decade before Lischka records her next album, because that would mean far too long away to hear the next offering from this talented performer.
Very nicely done. Check her out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 28, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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lischka said...

Hey Calvin!

Thanks so much for writing and posting this glowing review of my album. Oh and just an fyi, I have over half my next album ready to record so I think i'll probably come in well under the "10-year mark" for the next release. :)