Sunday, July 13, 2008

Review -- CODIE PREVOST -- Spin

Codie Prevost

If you took in the grandstand performance at the Yorkton Exhibition last Wednesday you had an opportunity to hear Codie Prevost first-hand.
Prevost has just released his second CD Spin as a follow up to the 2005 debut The Road Ahead, which helped him earn the 2006 Saskatchewan Country Music Association Rising Star and Album of the Year awards.
The debut netted Prevost six singles so he got good mileage from it.
Sadly, with the follow-up Spin Prevost has skimped with only six songs. He does call the effort a 6-Pak Vol. 1, so perhaps he has plans for another release shortly, but I think he'd have been better served giving us more up front.
This is pure Nashville country, with songs made for radio, and that means catchy tunes, such as the first single release Spin, and other cuts such as Good Living and
It's no surprise this one has a 'Nashville' feel since it was recorded in Nashville and was produced by Steve Fox who seems to have his hand in developing every young country singer coming out of Saskatchewan these days.
Prevost has a clear, practiced voice. On Spin he doesn't take any risks, going with the formula sound. The lyrics aren't overly compelling with any deep or lasting messages to impart, but they are catchy, and are fine to turn up and tap your fingers to as you bomb down the blacktop on a summer drive.
The only thing Prevost has to think about in the future is how he stands out from the masses. As solid a Nashville country as this effort might be, there are lots of performers cutting CDs with the same general sound.
Prevost has a voice which could take him away from the crowd, but he will need to look for music with a bit more heart than these basically happy country tunes.
The best cut is Quicksand, where he tunes things down, and offers up a song with some emotion.
An OK sophomore effort, but Prevost has the vocals to take it farther than he shows here.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 9, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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