Sunday, July 13, 2008


You have got to love the name Sexually Attracted to Fire, although I will admit I initially expected music that was rock, and quite likely metal rock at that.
Oh boy! Was I wrong.
Sexually Attracted To Fire is wonderfully mellow musical effort with elements of folk, country, jazz and rock, brought to life by Steven Maier and Mark Ceaser, two former Yorkton residents now living in Saskatoon. The pair are founding members of SATF joined by Julien LePage on drums and Teegan Jeffers on bass.
This CD starts hot with the cut Let It Roll, arguably the best cut on the 11-song effort, although Ceaser picks Roll Away in a recent interview with Yorkton This Week (see related story this issue). He has his reasons considering in March 2008 the band was selected as the regional winner of the RadioStar National Songwriting Competition for the somg.
Often when you visit a band's website, in this case at, the descriptions of the music is flowery, vague, and inaccurate. By contrast SATF seem to have a pretty solid understanding of what they are doing, and are honest in their self-assessment. On the website they state; “it is difficult not to be honest when you are from rural Saskatchewan, where community comes first and your neighbours are well aware of most of your personal goings-on. A place where the music of country radio, cabarets, and campfires can benignly infiltrate one’s prairie instincts and plant seeds that, like everything else in this province, bloom in their own sweet time.
“This prairie tradition finds its way into Sexually Attracted to Fire’s songwriting, if not always in the genre being performed, then through the songs’ construction and essential themes.”
That's pretty well bang on.
The music here relies on clear, folk-inspired vocals. Lyrics which reflect the roots of two Prairie kids. And, music which supports rather than buries everything else.
The total package is a relaxing effort, laid back and totally enjoyable. It may not find an easy radio home because it is neither pure country, nor rock, but that said, it should be something anyone can enjoy.
It is something two local guys should be extremely proud of as their first effort. Here's hoping for many more CDs to come.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 9, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada


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