Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review -- STAREWELL -- Broke And Out Of Money


I am constantly amazed by how many really solid bands are out there. It's pretty easy to understand how tough the music business must be just based on the depth of talent. The line between super break-out hit band and just a killer hard working band that too few people ever hear of is razor thin.
Which side of the line a band such as Starewell will ultimately end up remains to be seen, but this Calgary-based group certainly has the music to go somewhere.
So for those heading to Holly's Nite Club in Yorkton July 6, they're in for a treat as Starewell performs live.
For those wondering what they'll hear, this band is pretty much straight ahead rock. They don't throw in a lot of electronica, and I doubt they know what pop is. This is guitars, solid lyrics, upbeat, and go hard music, and frankly what more do you need from a band. In fact on the band's spot on myspace they tag their music simply; rock, rock, rock.
The band is a trio, with Brett Simms on guitar, Wade Simms on drums, and Chris Rozell on bass. The three play tight, and vocally keep it simple and clear. Brett Simms has provided the lyrics for all but one of the cuts here, and he has a knack for the catchy hook. Rozell does provide Straight Line Baby, and it's a song that has hit potential too.
Broke and Out of Money is the band's third album, so they've been out there pounding out the miles playing for a while now. Fully Extended was the band's debut effort, followed by Those Who Matter.
The current single release off the album is the title cut, and recently hit #23 on Canada's Mediabase rock charts, so it's getting some respect on air, and I am not sure it's the best cut on the album. My picks are Last One Alive, Down On Me, and Your Angels.
Starewell is definitely a band any Canadian rock fan will want to check out. Look them up at www.starewell.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 2, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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