Friday, August 22, 2008

Review -- DOCTOR QTRON -- Self-Titled

It always amazes me to hear the music which is coming out of the garages and basements of young rock bands these days.
In the past the greatest barrier to musical expression, which could be passed to the masses via a recording, was the cost to actually get into a studio and lay down a few tracks.
The emergence of home computers and amazing programs dedicated to music production has changed all that, and so a young group of musicians, such as Yorkton's Doctor Qtron, can emerge with some really killer material.
Doctor Qtron is fronted by Ben Nagy, who has been performing with a number of local groups for several years, in spite of barely being out of high school himself. The guitarist and vocalist is joined by brother Kamyn Nagy on drums and Justis Perry on bass.
The trio have put together a rock CD which has some definite range in material, but holds together pretty well through the limited six song selection.
The band itself admits to the material having a punk feel, and Perry talks of metal riffs, and in the end they manage to just come up with an interesting collection of songs.
The cut Satan and My Girl shows that somewhere in the past Nagy has found the blues, and when he twists that with good old fashioned rock guitar, it becomes arguably the best cut here.
Peace At Mind is a song that goes back to an earlier era for some Black Sabbath influences.
The CD ends with Streets Of Rage, a techno cut Nagy said they included because live fans have liked the cut. It could be just because Nagy likes to go out on the edge anyway. After all this is the same guy who in March of this year release a solo CD entitled Bologna Face: Revenge of the Alien Bodied Noodle, an eclectic, totally off-the-wall, mix of material.
By the way the fans are right Streets Of Rage works, and fits as a strange, but good end cut to this fine CD.
With Doctor Qtron the sound is certainly more commercial, accessible, mainstream, but you can also hear the weirdness muse pulling at Nagy's writing in a few instances too, and that just helps keep the material fresh.
Nice work boys, keep it up.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 20, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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