Monday, August 11, 2008

Review -- JAGGER COOK -- All Our Hands Are Dirty

Jagger Cook
When you have the name Jagger you are almost destined to be a rocker, and in the case of Jagger Cook he wears the mantle well, although he takes a decidedly different rock path than the more famous Mick Jagger.In the case of Jagger Cook he is a poet of the modern age. His lyrics are definitely poetic, although they are pieces laden with emotion, often rather dark. They are observations of modern life, warts and all.Cook's own website ( describes the work on All Our Hands Are Dirty “as an anthology of life…a collection of thoughts, ideas, experiences and events that formulate and construct the stories of the human condition…from struggles with childhood demons and personal relationships to the contemplation of life’s greatest questions.” One listen and you recognize this guy has a pretty good handle on his own work.The CD has received a number of regional and minor awards for Cook who was originally from Ontario including winner of the Canadian Niagara Music 2008 Songwriter and Album Of The Year Awards, and winner of the Great American Song Contest 2008 Honor Award for the song Nostalgia. He was also nominated for Artist, Song (Nostalgia) and Album Of The Year by All Access Magazine Music Awards in Los Angeles for 2007. While Nostalgia appears to have received the most notice, the song Afraid Like Me is my personal favourite.This is a very solid CD, powered as it is by strong lyrics, showing that music can be well-written and still be good without every song relying on an oft repeated hook line to catch the listener's attention.Fortunately, Cook also has the voice to bring the words to life in a pleasing way. He has a sort of soulful presentation, perfect for the often darker material.Check it out, it's well worth grabbing.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 6, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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Jagger Cook said...

Thanks Calvin for the cool review and for taking the time to really dig into the CD enough to appreciate the deeper story of "All Our Hands Are Dirty" !!!

You Rock Brother!!!