Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review -- ANDY SHAUF -- Darker Days

Andy Shauf
Shameless Records
Andy Shauf is a roots/folk singer out of Regina, with a voice that is something of an acquired taste. When his CD Darker Days started to flow through the headphones I did a bit of a double take in the sense this guy's voice can inch up the vocal ladder to the point it is higher at times than some well-known female vocalists. Now that isn't necessarily a knock against Shauf, who some people locally will remember from last week's performance at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall in Yorkton. What it is, is simply a statement that you have to like a higher male voice to really get into the music this musician offers up.For me, I tend to prefer male voices in the lower ranges, in particular when you start to venture into the world of roots/folk and blues.Now, to be completely honest, Shauf is folk-rooted, but on a number of cuts, such as Gone, he moves more fully into the current pop sounds, and frankly that is when Shauf hits his stride best. Gone is a very good song, and seems better suited to Shauf's voice, which translated into him coming across as more at home on the cut, than say the opening song Your Heart.There are times though that Shauf hits his stride with more traditional cuts, in particular The Darker Night.To be fair, this is Shauf's first CD effort, so he is feeling his way around in terms of what best suits his voice and style. I quite imagine his work will be tighter, and more focused on his strengths as he heads to the studio in the future.Overall, Shauf offers up a rather unique take on music for a young performer, he is only 21. Give his work a listen.You can learn more about Shauf at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Nov. 5, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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I'd like to say that Calvin Daniels is a total idiot. If you are going to have the gall to comment on someone, perhaps you should actually take more than 1 listen through the headphones.