Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review -- CARLOS DEL JUNCO -- Steady Movin'

Carlos Del Junco
Northernblues Music
Regular readers will likely realize by now I have a soft spot for the blues, and for harmonica music, so when it came time to listen to Steady Movin' by Carlos Del Junco I was a bit beyond excited.The harmonica is this guy's instrument of choice, and he applies it to blues music. I was nearly scoring this one a nine before the cellophane was off the disk.Of course I restrained from that urge, and gave the disk a spin.Del Junco offered up a 5:10 cut to lead into the CD called Diddle It, a number which is wall-to-wall harmonica. Awesome!Then Del Junco switched gears with a darker themed piece called Dull Blade. It's a tune which immediately had me thinking of a James Bond flick, and this was part of the musical score. A bit less harmonica at the forefront, but another sweet piece.From there Del Junco just keeps it coming, through 11 cuts – well actually the 11th is a reprise effort of the lead Diddle It.The CD includes some covers, such as Jersey Bounce, and Del Junco's own material, including Mashed Potatoes Canada. It's one of those community name-dropping songs that a performer can insert whatever community he's playing in for a cheap pop, but I'll forgive Del Junco for it, since the rest of the album is so excellent.On Movin' Down The River Rhine, a Sonny Boy Williamson cut, Del Junco mixes his harmonica and vocals just right, providing a solid interpretation of the piece.Del Junco is best with the harmonica in his hand. He plays it extraordinarily well.Vocally, Del Junco is more average in terms of blues singers.As a result the cuts here that highlight the blues harp, are the strongest, such as the beautiful take on Amazing Grace.I like the Middle Eastern tinge I hear in places in The Simple Life too.Still, overall it's a great album. Well worth adding to the collection.Check it out a

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 3, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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