Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review -- OLD MAN LUEDECKE -- Proof Of Love

Old Man Luedecke
Black Hen Music
To start with, if you are a fan of the banjo, skip over this review and simply go out and buy this CD. Old Man Luedecke is a banjo player that knows how to use the instrument in subtle ways, and here he creates a wonderful CD in which the banjo is used skillfully as a compliment to the relaxed East Coast-folk vocals.Luedecke is a minstrel who draws inspiration from a simpler era. He writes songs which tell stories. He keeps the instrumentation simple, adding to the song, yet never overpowering it. He sings in a relaxed fashion, near conversational, coming across like an old friend telling a story after being away for a time.Of course it might be expected that Luedecke would offer up a relaxed, professional effort, considering Proof Of Love is his third CD.That said, this CD offers three strengths which combine to make it a great folk CD. To begin with this guy can write a folk song. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, Thrown by the Bull, In the Beginning, Just Like A River and the title cut are all fine examples of how folk songs should be written, although truth be told there are no weak spots among the 13 cuts on this CD.Then there is Luedecke's voice. Smooth as aged Scotch, and near as sweet, this guy has the perfect sound for the material.And the final reason, and by far not the least important, there is the banjo. It is increasingly rare that this instrument is given centre stage for an entire CD. Yet here it shines in a world where Luedecke has combined elements of folk, bluegrass, and East Coast roots into a single sound.A CD that is as good as the genre offers.Check him www.oldmanluedecke.ca

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 17, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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