Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review -- PRIYA THOMAS -- Is Blood Heron

Priya Thomas
Oh wow, what a captivating style Priya Thomas brings to her CD Is Blood Heron.This gal is part folk, part punkish pop, part modern poet, and all just darned good.The opening cut Your Guitar, My Undoing, has amazing lyrics, and Thomas' voice just calls out like a siren and says, relax, listen, enjoy.After succumbing to Thomas' vocal charms on the lead cut, the listener is just left to enjoy as they are drawn deeper and deeper into this gal's world.Her vocals are lilting, and relaxing, but there is a deeper undercurrent here that calls to another place in the listener's mind. Thomas is a poet who weaves modern tales with her words.
A song like Dakota From The Hebrew demands you to listen into the story, taking the mind deeper than one might expect from the first strains of Thomas' sweet voice.The voice will catch you, the songwriting will leave you remembering this songstress long after the final strains of the CD have faded out of the speakers.Thomas also knows how to package a CD. The liner notes are lavishing illustrated with great artwork, and the songs really read like a poetry tome.As for selecting a best song here I'd suggest you just hit any random number on the CD player and you are likely to hear a song that could become your favourite. There truly are no weak spots in terms of material.This is an exciting effort on so many levels. It might not be for those who only want superficial music, those not willing to invest some energy in the lyrics, but for anyone else this should be marked high on the 'I want list'.Check out this talented performer at www.priyathomas.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 17, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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