Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review -- SAVED BY SASKATOON -- Self Titled

Saved By Saskatoon
Saved By Radio
In past reviews I've wrote about the diverse music coming out of Saskatoon, a city which may not be at the top of a lot of lists as a music city, but one where quality band after quality band seem to be emerging.Apparently I was not the only one recognizing that.Shuyler Jansen has drawn together an eclectic representation of Saskatoon bands and created the CD Saved By Saskatoon in the process, interestingly coming together on the emerging Calgary label Saved By Radio.What Shuyler has done here it bring together music from nine bands out of Saskatoon representing a rather broad approach to music, yet fitting together because of the bands' common roots.The work here really covers the range of rock, from The End of the World by The Blood Lines, which is pretty straight ahead rock, to Holskopf's The Old Life which is rather electric electronica, to more folk-driven material such as We Will Be Born Again by These Hands.The strength of this CD is in its rich musical diversity. It is interesting to listen to how diverse the music can be coming out of a small city. It shows just how diverse the world of modern music is, and how bands can rise up to create unique music anywhere. Now it's a sure bet few listeners are going to like every cut here, since the music crosses a lot of genres, but the purpose of the CD is not really to have people fall in love with cut. This is about opening the window and showing a broad range of listeners just how good, and how varied the music is coming out of Saskatoon, and coming from Saskatchewan that is rather compelling in itself.This is a CD that should be a must-own for anyone from the province, and the quality of the material should give it an appeal beyond Saskatchewan borders too.Great idea Mr. JansenCheck it out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Oct 8, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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