Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review -- TRACY MILLAR -- I'm Not That Girl Anymore

Tracy Millar
Finding a way to stand out in country music these days isn't easy.Tracy Millar, a singer out of Alberta is occasionally on the right track, but still gets dragged back into the cookie-cutter clone world of today's Nashville at times too.When on top of her game, such as with the cut I Can't Be Bothered, Millar is very good. The song is a throwback to an early era in country music, and as a result comes across as fresher than most of the material coming out these days.Then Millar hits us with Spread A Little Love Around and you can tell she's trying to stay true, but on this one just misses the mark.Millar then pulls it back into focus with a nice rendition of Travis Tritt's When I Touch You, with some nice complimentary male vocals from Justin Ament.It's Still Cheatin' is another solid effort from Millar.There are hints here that Millar may well be a bluegrass girl at heart, and I for one wish she'd give herself over to that and concentrate her efforts there. She is certainly strongest in the more traditionalist vein, and the CD insert picture of Millar with a mandolin offers hope she will go that direction.There is enough here on Millar's second CD, to be worth a listen, but you really do get the feeling her best is yet to come when she has the courage to turn off modern country music and just give over to her true country heart. Right now she still gives away a bit too much at the alter of today's country music. Hopefully maturity will give Millar the strength to forge her own path.Vocally, Millar has a pleasant country voice, again one that would be ideal for some pure bluegrass.Pick this one up and hopefully be around to watch her mature into a pure country star.Check her out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Nov. 12, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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