Monday, January 5, 2009

Review -- CINDERPOP -- A Lesson In Science

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Cinderpop are veterans of the Canadian music scene, and it shows with a polished approach to their indie/pop music.
The band released its debut CD Violet Gamma Rays in 1999, following it with a second full length effort in 2005; Their Skies Are Beautiful. With two CDs as experience, you might expect A Lesson In Science to be pretty solid, and Cinderpop doesn't disappoint.
Coming at us out of Vancouver, the Cinderpop crew is made up of vocalist Kevan Ellis, guitarist Mark Jowett, bassist Joel Myers, and keyboardist Erin Jane.
As a unite they offer up some upbeat music in a smoothly presented package. Songs such as Speechless, Blonder and Cinnamon Winter aren't exactly the deepest music you have ever heard, but hey this is pop music, and that means it often tends toward the sugar-coated. You know that going in.
This is music that is all about feeling good. It's about relaxing and enjoying. You don't have to commit a lot of emotion to the music, you just enjoy.
For the genre, Cinderpop does what they do well.
If you are a pop fan, you won't go wrong picking up this one, smooth and fine as it is.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 24, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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