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The Rebellion

The Rebellion may have its greatest notoriety these days for being Josh Palmer's band.
Palmer of course is the Saskatoon-native who made a serious run at being the Canadian Idol a couple of seasons back.
While Idol is really an overly staged production which homogenizes music down into 30 second sound bites allowing the panel to comment longer than the performers get to sing, it is at least a vehicle for some exposure. In most cases even the winners are little more than flashes in the pan, coming and going about as quick as the season in which they won.
Palmer however has taken a different post Idol approach. He has slipped back into the folds of a band. Yes, his fine voice carries The Rebellion, but he isn't parading his name as the reason to listen. Instead, The Rebellion is an entity onto itself, and listeners can judge the music without being hit over the head with the gimmick 'hey I'm a former Idol contestant listen to me'.
It's a strong decision by Palmer.
Forget the Idol connection here, The Rebellion is more than that show generally offers right from the get go.
The music here rings truer, has greater heart and soul, because it comes from the band, not music borrowed from some other star to attract ratings.
Josh Palmer offers up guitar and piano, Silviu Moldovan on bass and Christian Kongawi on drums. All three add vocals to the effort.
There are several fine cuts here, including the slow paced After the Rain, arguably the best cut on the CD. One Night Hero, Change and The Wait Is Over also vie for best-of status here.
This is a strong debut CD that demands to be heard and appreciated on its own merits. Another winner out of our own province.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 24, 2008 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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