Thursday, February 5, 2009


Melody Diachun
Cellar Live
Melody Diachun has a voice that might best be described as friendly, warm and inviting. It's a style which completely works for this performer who offers up a sort of nouveau jazz offering with EQ.
Diachun's first two independent releases, Lullaby of the Leaves and Dreams and Places showed this gal is an emerging voice in terms of Canadian jazz. EQ is her third album, and it shows a maturity for her, both as a songwriter and a singer. Backed by her own quintet this is a CD that while clearly jazz has enough elements from stage and pop that it crosses genres to provide a completely compelling offering.
Diachun is joined by some well known musicians, including Cory Weeds on soprano saxophone. Weeds is maybe best known as the front man for the Cory Weeds Quartet, also on the Cellar Live label. When the music moves to this guy's solos, it is almost always a highlight of the song.
Tilden Webb adds fender rhodes, Doug Stephenson bass and Dan Gaucher is the drummer.
Together the musicians perform ideally as a compliment to Diachun. The music is subdued until given the limelight as soloists. The rest of the time they know that Diachun's voice is the star here and they fade quietly into the background and let her woo the listener with her voice.
It's a voice easily capable of entrancing the listener. Not overpowering, it has that friendliness that makes listening a relaxing, joyous occasion.
The songs all clock in at around six minutes, time enough to allow the band to explore, and for Diachun to have her say with her lyrics.
The best cuts include When Beauty Reigns, Spanish Joint and Invocation.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan.21, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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