Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review -- ONEDAY40 -- Unfinished Business

Want to mellow? Country that let's you relax, and just get into the mind space of enjoying the day, then you might want to check out OneDay40's recent release Unfinished Business.
What blows me away the most about this band is that while you'd expect it to be a product of Nashville, or maybe Calgary, the group actually originates in Glasgow, Scotland. Yes, that does say Scotland.
This band shows that country comes from the heart more than it does from the mailing address.
Now this isn't hardcore country by any means, in fact the band's spot on suggests they are 'Matchbox 20 in a street fight with the Eagle'. Not a bad description really.
Certainly on a song such as Always, the band moves over into more of soft rock sound, and the horn work on Hometown is far from typical of country.
Then just as easily slides to the other side of the fine line they dance around, to touch on more of a country feel with songs like 50 Miles, Love Ain't Always Pretty, and What A Fool (a country hit if ever there was one), just as is Sad Cowboy.
While flirting with the two faces of the musical coin is something other bands have tried, and often get totally lost in the attempt, creating recordings which don't hold together, OneDay40 has found the balance.
OneDay40 could have several of these cuts in full rotation on any current country station, and at the same time, a fair share of the material would fit soft rock venues too.
At a time when it is trendy to offer up a rock album, then redo it with country instrumentation, OneDay40 just pulls it all together on one CD.
I mean, really Love Me Like You Do, could even fall into some jazz radio formats, with its nice horn under current, and sultry chorus vocals.
The more spins this one gets, the more impressive it gets. Where most CDs that try to be too much irk my musical tastes, this one has only my respect for the band's ability to make it work.
Find it. Buy it.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb. 4, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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