Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review -- STATE OF SHOCK -- Life, Love & Lies

State of Shock
Cordova Bay Records
OK, there are some really killer indie bands out there across Canada these days, and you can certainly add Vancouver's State of Shock to the list.
Life, Love & Lies is one of those killer CDs that you just have to like right from the opening strains of the lead title cut.
The good news is that State of Shock doesn't slow down. Hearts That Bleed, the CD's second song is one of the best cuts on the entire recording.
The catchy Money Honey has been the big hit off the CD. It has already been certified platinum in Canada, and netted the band three Canadian Radio Awards, including Best New Group, Best New Group at the CHR format, and the Canadian 2008 ‘Indie’ Award for Favorite Single Of The Year.
As successful as Money Honey has been, the true gem here is Best I Ever Had. This one is a hit in any rock era.
There are 10-cuts here, and State of Shock gives you their best from start to finish. This unit is hot, and I mean lava-like.
The songs are all written by the band, and they have a knack for catchy lyrics, as seen on cuts such as Day After Day, and so many other cuts here.
The band includes; Johnny Philippon on drums, Jesse Wainright and Simon Clow on guitars, Cam Melnyk does the vocals and Alison Toews on bass. The five meld together into a definite power unit. That said Melnyk's voice is given the freedom to dominate the music when he needs too, and that is always a plus.
A power rock band that knows what the music is about. Just a super job.
You can mark State of Shock not as an up and coming band, but as a unit which has arrived. Life, Love & Lies should be a must have recording.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan.21, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada


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